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Lost in Living House Party Kit

"Lost In Living" House Party Kit

Get your friends together for a glass of wine or Sunday brunch. Invite family, loved ones and members of your community to watch the film. Our House Party Kit is perfectly designed to help you host a lovely event that people will be discussing for months to come.

Included in the kit:

  • DVD of the film (110 min.)
  • Second DVD with an hour and half of extra footage.
  • Ten postcard invitations.
  • Discussion Guide.
  • One totebag.
The Watershed Poster

"Lost In Living" Home DVD

The complete version of the film. Own it for yourself or give it as a gift.

Screening Guide

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Lost in Living Totebag

"Lost In Living" Totebag

100% cotton, canvas tote.  Size 15" x 15 1/2".

The Watershed Poster

"Lost In Living" Educational DVD

The complete version of the film with a second DVD that includes an hour and a half of extra footage. For arts educators, women's studies professors, museums, schools, universities, colleges and librarians.

Screening Guide

Plain Art Poster

"Plain Art" Home DVD

A collaborative journey between a painter and six architects. Plain Art premiered at the 2008 Fargo Film Festival and won the Ruth Landfield Award.

The Watershed Poster

"The Watershed" Home DVD

"The Watershed" is a moving documentary of survival and forgiveness that shows how tragedy can have transforming effects on individual identity.

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