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Mary Trunk

Mary Trunk started as a painter, became a dancer and choreographer and has been making films for almost 20 years. Her first feature length film The Watershed screened at over 30 film festivals worldwide and won numerous Best Documentary Awards. She spent seven years filming four mother/artists for her third documentary feature Lost In Living. She recorded births, female friendship, aging, career success and failure, divorce, parenting mistakes and triumphs, resentful children, dirty dishes and lots and lots of laundry. All centered around the tricky balance of family life and artistic expression. Her current projects include a completed short documentary titled: The Past is in the Present: At Home with Gunther Schuller, that she co-produced with her husband, Paul Sanchez, a hybrid documentary project reflecting on her past dance career, and an interactive website called This Womanís Life that will feature stories about the invisible women in our lives and what they can teach us about survival and living life to the fullest. Mary teaches film and video at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA and Mount Saint Maryís University in Los Angeles, CA. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.

Paul Sanchez

Paul Sanchez has been working in the motion picture industry for over 20 years. Paul has provided his assisting and camera operating talents to over 30 feature films and many television programs. They include Mrs. Doubtfire, The River Wild, Walk the Line, Matrix Reloaded, Sideways, Scandal, Mad Men and How to Get Away With Murder. He has worked as a Camera Operator and a Director of Photography with such Directors as Wim Wenders, James Mangold, Alexander Payne and Sam Raimi. Paulís producing and editing credits include The Watershed, Plain Art, Lost in Living and The Past is in the Present: At Home with Gunther Schuller.